We believe in engaging you!

At 3point Science we believe engagement is the most important driver of successful learning. You need to engage to discover. Software should enable engagement - unfortunately software often gets in the way of learning, with frustrating nuances and steep learning curves. We use human-centered design to create engagement tools that let the learner create and control their own, unique learning experience. These tools are simple to use while conveying complex concepts. We make it about the subject not the software.

Adam Pidlisecky, PhD

Adam is a co-founder of 3point Science and an Associate Professor of Geophysics at the University of Calgary. He is an award winning researcher and an innovative educator. Adam has always aimed to bring disruptive approaches to his teaching – with a recent focus on exposing students to design thinking as an approach to solving earth science problems of tomorrow. It is Adam’s keen interest in the nexus of design, science and learning that lead him to found 3point Science.

Rowan Cockett

Rowan is a co-founder of 3point Science. While an undergraduate student, Rowan felt that there was a better way to visualize the complicated 3D geometries and concepts taught in geology courses - Visible Geology was the result. This award winning project is an example of Rowan’s passion to derive simple and intuitive solutions to complex scientific problems. Knowing that we can always find a better, simpler, and more intuitive solution is what drives Rowan’s vision at 3point Science.

3point Science works closely with an Advisory Board to ensure we remain at the forefront of our field. Our Advisors include experts from a wide range of fields including enterprise solutions, cognitive science, educational research, business, and marketing.

Our Team is growing

In addition to our Core Team, 3point Science works with an excellent group of coders and mobile developers. We are always looking for amazing individuals to join our team. Interested in engaging? Contact us.