Better learning through engagement

At 3point Science we believe that geology is about connecting dimensions. Geoscientists observe the Earth through sparse 1, 2 and 3 dimensional measurements. They connect these observations to build a better understanding of the earth and its processes. This is hard. For many this is abstract. We believe in making the abstract tangible - we do this through engagement. Using human-centered design, we create dynamic geoscience visualization tools for learning, training, evaluation and assessment. At 3point Science we design to engage.

Engagement begins with ownership

We enable learners to create an unlimited range of geologic scenarios. Rather than being given specific models to learn from, learners build their own models and, in the process, individualize their learning scenario. The simple act of creating your own model creates a sense of ownership and with that a new level of engagement.

Engagement grows with interaction

Our tools enable users to interact with their models, simulate geologic processes, and observe the results. These tools can be configured to focus on a single concept or address a range of concepts simultaneously. Our software puts the user in control of their learning, delivering unique interactive experiences.

Engagement leads to discovery

Through intuitive tools that enable users to create and interact with geology, we foster an environment of experimentation and curiosity. 3point Science equips learners to better understand the complexities of the earth and gives them the ability to connect dimensionality. This type of engagement leads learners to discover a better understanding of geology.